Parfum Couture through an authentic Haute-Couture process creates exclusive signature fragrances.

COUTURE Perfumery

Parfum Couture through an authentic Haute-Couture process creates exclusive signature fragrances. The result of this personalized process is the development of a signature fragrance, individually formulated to complement your person, vitalize your home, or memorialize an event or special occasion.


Everything starts here!

To be able to design the signature fragrance that will capture who you are and will tell exactly your story, we will embark on a sensory journey to compose your Olfactory Portrait.

Guided by one of our expert perfume designers—aka ‘noses’, Parfum Couture helps you discover which scent accords affect you, which unlock cherished memories, which evoke dreams, and which speak to your passions. Inspired by this portrait the nose will start the formula sketching following one of the two possible design approaches; the Haute-Couture or the Tailored Design.


Your perfume designer employs the complete palette of more than 2000 essential oils to formulate your unique, complex fragrance. Some olfactory creative directions are initially sketched, and with your direction punctuating the creative process, these are then altered and refined until your signature scent is fully realized. This process may last up to three months.


Starting from our generous set of scent patterns accords, the perfume designer customizes and refines your preferred pattern to reach to your unique blend formula. The personal fitting process may last up to two months.


Parfum Couture offers you the opportunity to select and personalize your perfume bottle from an expansive selection of French and Italian made glass, and a beautiful garments palette.

You will then name your scent, a word, a name, a loved expression—the final touch that tells your story each time you lay your eyes on it.


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